Fe-Cr-Al alloy wire 0Cr20Al6 Base metal of heat resistance fibrils

Metal fibre and its products belong to emerging new functional materials recently. The fibre is characterized with large surface area, high thermal conductivity, good electrical conduction, nice flexibility, high temperature oxidation resistance and excellent corrosion resistance. At present beaming drawing process needing the alloys with high purity is adopted to product metal fibre at home. Compared with ordinary smelting ways, the technology of double elector-slag refining and special controlling inclusions in our company, combing with ESR refining, make the steel meet the purity request for drawing. By right of proper heat-resisting micro silk’s smelting, the wire drawing technology and the stable highly effective control for product’s quality. Because of the good quality of products received the recognition of the majority of customer sour . Our company has become the biggest supplier , occupying the domestic 90% market share . We can customize production according to customers' requirements

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